TaxVanDorst is an independent boutique tax consultancy firm with an extensive knowledge of the national and international tax practice. Her owner Belinda van Dorst has twenty one years of experience in Dutch tax law at Loyens & Loeff N.V. She did specialise in tax compliance issues of large international and national companies. In her client group were credit insurance companies, investment firms, pension funds, lease companies, telecom companies, farmaceuticals and publishing and advertising companies.
Belinda van Dorst has been advising these companies of structuring their compliance function regarding tax risk management issues, royalty, financing and holding companies, IFRS, opening balance issues, corporate income tax returns and dividend tax returns.
The strength of Belinda van Dorst is in her extensive experience in solving most challenging tax issues. Because of her experience at one of the leading law firms in the Netherlands she is used to deliver high quality results. Her drive and determination results in tackling the task successfully within time and budget.
In her career Belinda van Dorst has been detached a few times for a short period on fiscal departments of her clients companies to solve specific tax issues, to help out in a peak in work or to replace staff during a short leave of absence.